Brenda Bogart is known for her compelling and conversation-starting collage work largely focused on iconic figures from Albert Einstein to Jimi Hendrix, as well as figurative collages of animals and wildlife.

A passion for entrepreneurship, giving back in magnanimous ways, and encouraging others to discover and use well their God given talents, are the driving forces behind her day to day work.

In 2021, Brenda’s daughter Stephanie Stephenson Walker joined her in the studio as a full time collaborator in the making of art. A visit to their airy studio readily reveals their inspiration. It is filled with a fascinating collection of centuries-old handwritten letters, colorful handmade papers from around the world, plus various eclectic objects they have collected during their travels.

Brenda holds a degree in Interior Design from TCU and has studied painting and drawing at SMU extensively under Mary Vernon and Barnaby Fitzgerald. After a career in interior design working for Wilson & Associates, then operating her own design studio in the Dallas area, she turned to art full time in 2006.