Native Texan, Melissa Ellis, is a palette knife artist specializing in sculptural oil paintings. Over her 20-year-long career, she has developed a unique style of Impasto painting by hand-sculpting each individual piece of paint into magical and wonderous shapes with her palette knives and carefully applying them to canvas.

Her latest collection, "Bijoux," the French word for jewel, was inspired by her world travels. As an adventure seeker and girl with a wanderlust heart, Melissa seeks out the extraordinary everywhere she goes. Whether it is exploring the volcanic islands of The Galápagos, shark diving in The Bahamas, exploring the mountains, caves and rivers throughout South and Central America, kayaking the emerald waters and sifting through the lavender seashells of the micro-beaches of Bai Tu Long Bay in Vietnam or the intricate adornments throughout the city streets of Paris, Rome or Mexico City, it is the small, unusual and often overlooked details that spark her imagination. The mystical colors, sights, sounds, tastes and shapes hidden around every corner are the things that truly awaken her curiosity. And it is from those unique and wild discoveries from across the globe that she has brought to life in full 3D effect from her boundless imagination to her luxurious oil paintings.