Niki Dionne of Actual Footage of Me is an Illustrator and Fiber Artist based in Dallas TX. Throughout her life Niki has explored various creative forms, but in 2016 she began illustrating faceless women and exploring how her forms could be communicated using fiber. Niki was inspired by a period of time in her life where many of the black women she was surrounded by, including herself, experienced life changing healing and self-discovery. Niki shifted the focus of her work to illustrate her biggest inspiration, care-free black women. As an artist who has struggled with her identity as a black woman, every piece she creates has a part of her and the work invites viewers to find bits of themselves, or the women in their life, in the faceless women.

Through various mediums including fiber, oil pastels, and digital illustration Niki uses patterns and texture to bring her forms to life. The work on display is a series of 5 suspended screens featuring needle felting techniques. Niki currently studios out of Trade Oak Cliff, and her work is on display at Sweet Tooth Hotel.