Design industries like fashion and architecture have major potential to reduce the impacts of climate change and overcome social inequities.

HKS, a Dallas-based global architecture and design firm, is inspired to showcase that potential through their annual TRASHION Show. By reusing, recycling and repurposing every-day materials to create one-of-a kind garments, their designers explore creative ways to reduce waste and demonstrate how design can help overcome worldwide environmental and social challenges.

The 2023 TRASHION Show theme is Villains and Triumphs.

Fashion manufacturing and building construction have historically contributed to global warming and human rights abuses. Villains include massive waste, toxic materials, labor rights violations and high amounts of carbon emissions.

But with collective action and creativity, the fashion and architecture industries are also making progress for future generations with Triumphs such as circular economy strategies, improved supply chain practices, healthy materials and net zero action plans.

The garments on display here are inspired by some of these Villains and Triumphs. They represent how they can design a better future.

The TRASHION Show is part of the HKS ESG in Design initiative. HKS integrates Environmental, Social and Governance approaches in their work so they can create positive impact in communities around the world. HKS' commitment to ESG in Design includes being one of the first global design firms to sign onto the United Nations Global Compact.